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Vallejo Model Color: The Rise of Fantasy by Juan J. Barrena (JJ)

A practical guide and introduction to the creation of fantasy scenes. This book contains step by step instructions on how to paint a figure and the transformation of the figures, as well as the composition of the backgrounds, with points on highlighting the various elements of the
composition, and on the portrayal of water, land, wood and rusted metal and general scenery.

Hersteller: Acrylicos Vallejo
Best.-Nr.: VA75005

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Vallejo Model Color: FC Modeltips 1 (engl.)

More than 30 very easy tips, ideas and tricks to finish your models like a pro.

This is the first of a new series of books focused on easy tips and tricks for modeling paint techniques than can be as handy for beginners as for experienced modelers, saving time in the painting and weathering processes, and getting the most professional and realistic results.
In discussions with other modelers, we almost always arrive at the same question: how many models can you finish in a year?
Some mention the time needed to finish just a few models per year, others talk about the several months invested just to see one model completed, but most of them were talking about the difficulty of a complete and complex weathering process, the many hours invested in looking for the real finish, the real final effects.
The intention of this book is to share with other modelers a collection of very easy techniques, some useful and well known, some completely original, all with the purpose of making the process of
painting and weathering a model easier and faster, and above all, enjoyable, so that the modeler can go on to the next project, just for fun, just for the joy of modeling, the pleasure of achieving the most realistic replica of the original in its place and time.

120 pages
Language: English

Hersteller: Acrylicos Vallejo
Best.-Nr.: VA75006

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Vallejo Model Color: Vallejo Publikation: Rust & Chipping (engl.)

Diese neue Veröffentlichung von Vallejo zeigt dem Modellierer Methoden auf, um durch die Bemalung die Alterung, den Verschleiß oder die Zerstörung aller Arten von Fahrzeugen darzustellen.
Die bekannten Modellbauer Scratchmod Rob, Mike Rinaldi, Virgil Suarez, John Tolcher, Adam Wilder und Chema Cabrero zeigen mit einer Schritt für Schritt Anleitung, wie sie die Effekte erreichen. Das 100 Seiten starke Buch enthält ein Vorwort von Mike Rinaldi.

Die gesamten Texte sind in englischer Sprache.

Hersteller: Acrylicos Vallejo
Best.-Nr.: VA75011

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Vallejo Model Color: Painting miniatures from A to Z Vol. 2 (Ángel Giráldez)

We are pleased to present Angel Giraldez’s second Vallejo figure painting manual, Painting Miniatures from A to Z (Masterclass Volume 2), complementary to the first volume.
This present volume explains new techniques and tips through hundreds of pictures of the painting process, which will help painters to continually improve their miniature painting skills.
The Masterclasses section includes tutorial guides about how to paint all the different Infinity armies, in addition to detailing which colors Ángel used to paint the official Infinity color patterns.
If you are a fan of the Infinity universe, or if you are a painter who wants to improve, then this new volume will be an illuminating resource.
So take your paints and brushes, and enjoy alongside Ángel this new step of the miniature painting hobby world.

Tips, tricks and techniques by Ángel Giraldez
154 pages
Format A4
Language: English

All the books reserved between October 17th and November 14th 2016 (both inclusive) will include also an exclusive “Imperial Agent Crane Rank” miniature that will never be on sale.
The exclusive miniature cannot be sold separately.
The exclusive miniature is a promotional extra and does not increase the price of the product.
This offer is only valid for orders made between October 17th and November 14th 2016 (both included).

Hersteller: Acrylicos Vallejo
Best.-Nr.: VA75010

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